September 1, 2019

Target specific partners

Using the affiliate marketing framework gives a merchant the flexibility to choose their partners. When a partner wants to join your program, he submits a form, which allows you to evaluate whether the partner is suitable and represents your brand properly.

Qualitative traffic

By working with specific partners who understand and are already present in your sector you will be able to attract an audience who is already interested in your product. Your traffic is well targeted.

Performance based payments

With traditional marketing channels you pay a partner before the desired outcome. In affiliate marketing you pay your partner a commission only after the desired outcome. Therefore, if the campaign is ineffective your marketing budget is not impacted.

Valuable Market Insights

You can easily pull reports to find out exactly which partners are driving the most incremental value to your program. This means you can optimize your program as you have considerable insight regarding which partners are worth investing the most in.

Increase Brand awareness

Consumers are more likely to buy from merchants they know and trust. With affiliate marketing you increase your brands exposure to new audiences, and you increase the chances they will purchase your products as they trust the partners who are promoting you.


Affiliate and Partner Marketing

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