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The foundation of any strong Affiliate or Partner Marketing program is Partner development.

What is partner development?

Partner development also many times referred to as publisher development or affiliate development is essentially the process by which a brand will attract and retain new partners. Any successful affiliate and partner marketing program will see strong relationships between the advertiser and its partners. Therefore, It is important to continuously nurture existing relationships with partners but also constantly look for new partnership opportunities. Our team can 

OPTIMIZE existing partnerships to ensure sustainable program growth 

MANAGE everyday relationships and overall communication with existing publishers to make sure they are up to date with any marketing initiative your brand is launching. For example, send newsletters and meet publishers on your behalf

ACTIVELY work to develop strong relationships with partners  

RECRUIT partners strategically that have the ability to successfully add value to the program

INFORM management teams on new partner opportunities and how they can add value to the program


Affiliate and Partner Marketing

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