October 5, 2019

According to a study conducted by HubSpot 63% of companies claim their biggest challenge is to generate traffic and leads. With the affiliate marketing model, those clicks can be generated by a partnership with a third party who already has an established audience in your industry. However, in order to make sure your partnerships are optimized you need to complete a target market analysis beforehand to determine your ideal customer. This in turn will allow you to build partnerships with the most suitable partners. Below a list of questions, you should ask yourself to help with this process:

  • What is your target demographic? For example, age group, gender, marital status.

  • Which area do they live in?

  • Which industry do they work in?

  • What is their average salary?

  • What do they enjoy doing in their free time?

  • Which methods of communication are most suitable for them? For example, do they prefer emails, newsletters etc.

  • What are personality traits that they have in common?

  • What types of challenges do they face daily?

  • How can your product/service help them deal with these challenges?

  • Who are your competitors? What is their unique selling point?

  • What pushes them to make certain buying decisions?

  • Why would they not purchase their product? How can you gain the trust of your consumers?

Answering these questions will help you establish a strong marketing strategy. In addition, it will allow you to decide the type of content you will be sharing with your publishers and help build a framework regarding how you want your message to be presented. This will ensure consistency across your communication with the different publishers that are part of your affiliate program.

To conclude, in order to establish a successful partner marketing and affiliate marketing program, it is crucial that you integrate your partner and affiliate marketing strategy in your overall digital marketing strategy. This will ensure that your brand conveys a consistent message through out.


Affiliate and Partner Marketing

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